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sounds of vienna by James Morehead

July 3, 2011

sounds of vienna

clip clop clip clop clip clop
a horse's hoof start and stop
the driver's click to make them go
carriage wheels' gild just for show

ding-dring ding-dring ding-dring
vienna's cyclists are a speedy thing
step quick aside as they ring by
a whoosh of air, blink of an eye

rumble and hum rumble and hum
the trolley car wheels announce as they come
doors open quick - people in people out
then to the next platz before turning about

drubble-dee drubble, drubble-dee drubble
those damn cobblestones are a lot of trouble
the heel of her shoe may catch on a crack
causing a trip, fall down with a smack

clang dong clang dong clang dong
stephansdom bells are starting a song
parishioners called from far and from wide
the cool pews in shadows a nice place to hide

ring and peal ring and peal
the morning's come it's sunlight i feel
our vienna trip's over to venice we go
what sound does a gondola make, do you know?

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