Five Poets Recite (Esteban Allard-Valdivieso, Lucy Rattner, Daude Teel, Derek Kannemeyer, Alison Davis)

The Viewless Wings Poetry Podcast October submitted poems episode features five wonderful contributions read by the poets. Different forms and themes are featured. The Viewless Wings Poetry Podcast explores the art of poetry through interviews with poets and artists including Safia Elhillo, A.E. Stallings, Dana Gioia, Yanyi, Olivia Gatwood, Lisa Marie Simmons and more. Subscribe today.

Listen to the poems using your favorite podcast player and then read each below:

You can submit your poetry for consideration in a future Viewless Wings Poetry Podcast episode via our Submittable page.

stand up 
& every so often 
remember to check in...

Excerpt from thank god for thanking god

Esteban Allard-Valdivieso is 41 years old, currently lives in Berkeley, CA and has been published in Street Spirit Newspaper, Free Magazine (by the Berkeley Student Co-Op Housing Association), the Cal State University Los Angeles newsletter and The Lake, an online poetry journal (June 2021). He has been writing poetry since he was ten years old.

He currently runs @littlepinkpoems

girlhood was a dream, a dream that moved fast through my head and slipped away in the morning...

Excerpt from Girlhood

Lucy Rattner is a soon-to-be-20-year-old poet from Orangeburg, New York. Instagram @lucyrattner

A new sun climbed atop the sands. Mudded houses sit in rows, supplanted by mighty temples...

Excerpt from Sins of Gold

Daude Teel is an aspiring poet, proet, and playwright. He has been published in multiple magazines including The Wingless Dreamer, Poets Choice, The African Writer Magazine, and has been a guest on the wonderful Poets and Muses podcast.

Her birth name was Mary Moss. "Laura Keene"
was an invention. What choice had she but the stage?...

Excerpt from Laura in April

Derek Kannnemeyer was born in Cape Town, South Africa, fled apartheid with his family to grow up in London, UK, and has spent most of his working life in Richmond, Virginia, mostly as a high school French and English teacher. His writing has appeared in several dozen print and digital journals, and he has published a few books. They include two poetry collections, or three counting the light verse one; a novel; a four act play; and a hybrid non-fiction/photography tome that made the Kirkus Review list of 100 Best Indie Books of 2022. His website is

Unannounced Guest
by Alison Davis

Oh, Hope, I wasn’t expecting you. Now isn’t really a good time. I’m quite busy at the moment. I have things to prepare...

Excerpt from Unannounced Guest

Alison is an award-winning educator, author, and activist who was born in Detroit but now calls California home. Her writing has appeared in numerous literary and scholarly publications, including The Sun, Rattle, Pensive: A Global Journal of Spirituality and the Arts, Braided Way Magazine, Research Bulletin, and SAUTI: Stanford Journal of African Studies. Alison is the author of Wild Canvas (Finishing Line Press) and A Rare But Possible Condition (Saddle Road Press). Instagram: @poems_and_pebbles

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