Before the Pool, there was a Saltwater Lagoon by Sarah Bitter

Before the Pool, there was a Saltwater Lagoon
by Sarah Bitter

a response to Gyula Kosice’s Variation in Blue  

Men leave me alone now, mostly, 
and they have left me (at) 
an old blue swimming pool far into a park
on the shore of Puget Sound. 
I  have to walk through a forest
and down an escarpment to get there. 
When I think of the men, I think 
of the blue of that pool and I am 
happy, mostly. I like to swim at dawn
when the mist rises off the water
and blurs the edges of sea and sky. 
After I swim, I walk back up the bluff, 
into the cedars and that smell—humus  
and trees in full green, at the edge 
of the dry season—is the smell of dying.

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Sarah Bitter

Sarah Bitter lives in Seattle with her partner, daughter, and dogs. Her work has been published in The Seventh Wave, River Mouth Review and Poetry Northwest, and is forthcoming in Denver Quarterly’s FIVES and Slipstream. She has an MFA degree from the University of Washington.

Instagram: sarahjbitter

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