Dulce de leche stuffed churro by Ipsheeta Furtado

Dulce de leche stuffed churro
by Ipsheeta Furtado

This rod doesn't mind biting. 
Covered in dusty glitter that quickly consumes your blouse. "That chestal area is ever more attractive," they tell you mid-mouthful.

It's the beastly behavior required to dominate a fried stick. "Go'n n slap dat," you're told. You walk up, order with confidence and upon collection, it's still too hot to handle safely.

The crisp shell glistens with alluring machismo, surely the bravado of its Baker, offering a pitiful promise of pleasure. You find the futility surprisingly full of trite, sweet milk.

Suddenly you are complete: finished, successed. No resembling donuts or holes would be the prize that this trick is. Put the foil casing on a shelf, if you may, preferably shaped into a swan that will hold Mardis Gras beads infinitum.

Hear Ipsheeta Furtado recite the poem on the Viewless Wings Poetry Podcast:

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Ipsheeta serves on the Board of Directors for the Bay Area’s Shotgun Players, writes with PlaygroundSF’s Writers Pool, and recently joined Voices of Our Nations Arts (VONA) Foundation and SF Writers Grotto Rooted & Written alumni. Ipsheeta holds a B.S. in Engineering Physics from UC Berkeley and prefers tea over coffee.

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