Self-Portrait by David Radavich

Self-Portrait After the painting by Félix Vallotton
by David Radavich

The face is young:
pale, turned over the shoulder
toward our view, a slight
mustache and small, tight mouth
and eyes that bleed
just a hint of red, as if
about to cry
or ask forgiveness.

How does he see himself
with the chopped, ash-brown
hair and circular collar
like a priest?

He looks assured and shy
at once, painting himself
as if some day
he might be significant.

This is one who will become.

There is sadness
and a self-confidence
for what the world
will bring.

The green background
favors growth, and the face
slightly downward
rings an insistent bell.

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David Radavich

David Radavich’s poetry collections include two epics, AMERICA BOUND and AMERICA ABROAD, as well as MIDDLE-EAST MEZZE and THE COUNTRIES WE LIVE IN. His plays have been performed across the U.S. and in Europe. His latest book is UNTER DER SONNE / UNDER THE SUN: German Poems from Deutscher Lyrik Verlag.

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