If you found this page, you likely got here after reading “The Plague Doctor” by James Morehead (if not, please pick-up a copy or listen to the audiobook). Below are inspirations for some of the poems, and performances of others.

Inspiration for “She’s suspended in turquoise”

Premier of “She in San Francisco” on the SF Chronicle TotalSF Podcast

Performance of “She in San Francisco” at the Patagonia Poets Laureate Celebration

Performance of “welcome to our gallery” at the Presidio Chapel (San Francisco)

Performance of “petals in haiku” at NIU (DeKalb, IL)

Inspiration for “alexa calls to me”

Alexa Meade reciting “alexa calls to me”

Inspiration for “where canvas ends and bush begins”

Performance of “is the image already there” (earlier version)

Performance of “ode to dahlia” (Bankhead Theater, Livermore, CA)

photo: Vanessa Thomas, poem: James Morehead

Performance of “Hiding from the Curator”

Film Created by the Haliburton Sculpture Forest for “Twilight in the Sculpture Forest”

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