Whiskey Breath by Sinead McGuigan

Whiskey Breath
by Sinead McGuigan

This liquid untamed pours down my throat

A hot fiery taste that has learned to coax

The pious to walk away from the cross

A friend or foe making foolish promises

A poison filled with love and regret

How free the heat makes my mouth

Swirling my tongue in delicious sensations

Filling my soul with fear and doubt

Another shot and everything is smooth

The skies casting through 

The pane so beautifully

The sunshine illuminates my reflection

Oh how my dead eyes shine

I raise a glass

Seeking the hit one more time

That rush of feeling alive

Enticing me the distance

To swallow my own lies

Lying in bed wondering why

There is a bitterness deep inside my mind

The moon glows through the thin linen

I am no longer seduced by

The sound of gurgling in my throat

I was a hero to the broken as curtains drew

Offering blessings with my whiskey breath

All the shots shared with myself and my past

Lamenting my present

Wondering why

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Sinead an Irish poet has been published in many literay magazines and has two solo collections available on Amazon. Sinead publishes her work on Instagram mainly @sineadmcgpoetry linktr.ee/sineadmcgpoetry

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