30 Year Engagement by Es Margolius

30 Year Engagement
by Es Margolius

I’ll transcribe the story of what never happened:
In the pursuit of love
we avoided pain. 
In the rush of Hide-and-Seek, 
we were lost in a forest of giant roses 
heady scent, and occasional thorn.

In this endless and timeless bouquet, we
caught glimpses of each other  
first chasing, then running away.
From time to time, we fell 
into soft folds of petal-nests, gave
breathless hints where to look next.

Thirty years go by
up grows the sapling
sweeping branches, self-sowed seed.
Sway, Weeping Willow
those dreaming beneath your canopy
need not know your origin.

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Sarah Margolius is an Impact Producer and catalyst who brings dreams to life. She’s written poetry and stories for decades but kept them mostly locked away. She recently opened a magical box that changed her way of thinking. To become more authentic, honest, and happier, she needed to be braver and share more of herself with others. Her desire is to learn from people who see the beauty that exists in the world, find meaning within it, and help create a more peaceful and unified planet.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Es has many babies: her work focused on sustainability and social change; her journals and visual art; and her two sons.

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