a gathering by Jai-Michelle Louissen

a gathering
by Jai-Michelle Louissen

pale gnarled rock
on sand softly sleeping
she lays 
under the squat ripening suns 
of dandelion

a leaf carries new life
and hawthorn flowers stretch out
like holy rites

I want so much to be here
to let my heart spill out 
stale and water darkened
held by a half forgotten wolf pelt
and by the moon,  seal eyed and deathless
until it is no longer mine

until my womb is a votive garden
with a new sparrow buried in afterbirth
blind and wet in her palm

a whole world inside me

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Jai-Michelle Louissen

Jai-Michelle is a Scottish-born poet, now living via London in the coastal natural beauty of The Netherlands. Writing with an unshakable wish for poetic thought, images and vulnerability, her work is otherworldly, full of nature, emotion and mood. She often writes of her trauma and the after effects, revealing her layers piece by piece. Her first chapbook is released 2022 with Sunday Mornings at The River.

Instagram @bornonadarkmoon

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