A Question of Hope by Linda Eve Diamond

A Question of Hope
by Linda Eve Diamond

 ` Inspired by “Hope” by George Fredric Watts (1886)

Hope is blind-
folded, leaning in

breathing softly

for the broken 
lyre’s secret truth 

holding on
with all she has

imagining, creating, 
unlocking key notes

with the shred of a string
on the thread of a ring

of plucky little plinks 
scaling up to the brink 

circling back for the lost 
harmonious chords 

becoming the music,
the quiet, the breath 

the embodiment 
of curiosity 

a question mark
spinning, exposed 

on the outskirts 
of the spinning globe…

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Linda Eve Diamond is a U. S. poet whose works have been performed by The Poetic Dance Theater Company, screened at the REELpoetry Festival, displayed in The Museum of Art – DeLand, and published by numerous journals. Her poetry appears in more than 150 journal, anthologies and venues, including The Ekphrastic Review, Encore: Prize Poems, and The Dancing Poetry Festival. She has been honored to receive Artists Embassy International’s Grand Prize Award, the National Federation of State Poetry Societies’ Founders Award, and the REELpoetry Film & Video Prompt Award. Visit her website at http://LindaEveDiamond.com.

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