A Remembrance by Liz Fortini

A Remembrance 
by Liz Fortini

Pockets of wildflowers herald
the arrival of spring in the valley.
Arising from a dormant tempo,
intervals of these violets and lilies

of the valley colorfully burst
as they climb the hillside.
Underneath, the color of the earth,
which lay fallow, deepens to umber.

Turkey feathers flutter and fly
around as the males peck at last
year's corn. A melange of tawny
earthenware and sculptured

gardens dot the hillside. A path
of speckled stones in thunder gray
streaks toward town
and skirts its granite walls arriving

at arched doorways. When a scooter
passes, grainy specks kick up, then
settle down in an old courtyard.
Fountain's marble face, indignant

mistress of the court, foams and gurgles
at a stranger who pauses for a look,
then chases him away with her splashes
of water. Crumbling feta, freckled

faces, a bronze statue, an arbor
about to burst with spring: this vivid
wide-angle photo you took from
our hotel balcony last March. 

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Liz Fortini, an area poet, composes short poems and translates works of French poets into English. In her spare time, she and her husband Ron garden and take walks at local parks and trails. They enjoy all the great activities the Bay Area has to offer.

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