California Dreamin’ by K. T. Reid

California Dreamin’
by K. T. Reid

first glance, 
I had no choice but  
to look her directly in her eyes.  
Paralysis overcame the lower half of my thighs
as I forgot which foot was to step ahead of the other.
While concealing my stammered approach, she never noticed
my hidden timidity. On the contrary, my guile and sense of
style led to her shooting off a quick, yet sensual smile.
I was shy; I was in love; Ready for love. Maybe I 
was all of the above. I did not care. I just 
knew-that she knew-that I knew  
what we both had originally 
known—that fetal 
positions atoned 
for primary  
senses to  
be blown 
for us 

was the  
of being born… to be  
specifically with someone. 
This Me + Her equation, equaling 
better days when—we will be forever after. 
No longer searching and scouring the masses, just
passion fruit and molasses; And road trips to Calabasas
and Big Sur. Fitting her for diamonds, pearls, and mink furs,
as we lay on Laguna Beach in October, while the rest of
the country prepares for game of thrones. No winter—
that comes alone could keep us away from  
each other. No layer of ozone could  
ever stop the sun from shining  
brightest on one another 
from now… until the  
pearly gates! But 
before we do 
bite onto this  
cake, I  
had to 

What’s your name?

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K. T. Reid is an African-American male writer living in Texas. He is working on getting his first full-length project/collection published in early to mid-2023.

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