Dear Creature by Sarah Bitter

Dear Creature
by Sarah Bitter

a response to Lygia Clark’s Creature-Maquette 320 written on the 15th day of the Russian-Ukrainian War

Your sweet metal head 

                         rests on the earth like a fawn 
                         left to sleep alone by its mother

                         except your head is dented

We are very far from the new war

                         but today your metal hide 
                         is armor 

Bright yellow narcissus ring my garden

                         as your pelt helplessly reflects

                         the pink and brown of flesh 

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Sarah Bitter

Sarah Bitter lives in Seattle with her partner, daughter, and dogs. Her work has been published in The Seventh Wave, River Mouth Review and Poetry Northwest, and is forthcoming in Denver Quarterly’s FIVES and Slipstream. She has an MFA degree from the University of Washington.

Instagram: sarahjbitter

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