Deliver Me by Mon Malanovich-Gallagher

Deliver Me
by Mon Malanovich-Gallagher

When it happens I don’t care much how

but make it be outside

to the sound of Lacrimosa

a bird song

a cat purr

a lover’s whisper in my ear

blinded by the morning sun

melting in the gentle breeze


Untongue me then


Where no hand can reach

my curtain lifts -

the softest guillotine -

reveals the centre


underneath your petticoat of chaos

When it happens let me plead not guilty

of the many sins

vices engraved on fingertips

memory of my flesh

And let me be forgiven

in the open

I’ll take your sacrament anywhere you give it

In greedymouthed reverence

I’ll fall before you

to my knees

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Mon Malanovich-Gallagher is a non-binary queer poet from Oswiecim, Poland, which is better known in the world under its German name – Auschwitz. Their poems appeared internationally in a variety of chapbooks, anthologies and magazines including Queer Writing for a Brave New World, Beyond Words, Allegory Ridge and are forthcoming in a number of other publications, both online and in print. You can connect with Mon on IG: @MxMonMG

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