Dublin Pride by Sanvi Pasala

Dublin Pride
by Sanvi Pasala

Dublin is a city of pride.
I have lived in this city for many years.
I am accepted here, never denied,
the kindness around me has never disappeared.

Dublin is a diverse place.
people with different colored skin,
there isn’t anyone with the same face.
Oh where do I begin?

Dublin has people from different cultures and races,
but we have joined each other here
even though we are from different places.
Hopefully we will be together for many years.

The people of Dublin can do many things,
we are all different, in our own way:
some people lead like kings, or maybe even sing,
but we all burn bright like a fiery blaze.

I am proud to call Dublin my home.
I love all the schools and its people too,
this is where I have learned and grown
and this is where my dreams will come true.

When I was much younger, I had no clue 
that this city would be my guide.
Before, this was an adventure to get through,
but now I realize Dublin has much more to provide.

It’s been 40 years since Dublin was made
and I have grown to love this city of pride.
The hospitable environment didn’t ever fade
and nobody here will ever be pushed aside.

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Sanvi Pasala is a ninth grader at Dublin High School. Sanvi has hobbies such as playing tennis, performing in plays (drama), and drawing/painting. “My favorite class in school is Biomed because I love learning all about the medical field but I also like English because I get to express myself through my writing.”

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