Ego’s Kingdom by Ishmeet Dhillon

Ego’s Kingdom 
by Ishmeet Dhillon

There are coals that burn inside of you, 
Their embers dissolving through your skin,
Powering the fire within you, 
As it slowly lights, and dims. 

There is an enemy that resides, 
In this palace set ablaze, 
The thief that steals your virtues: 
Ego is its name. 

Its throne is a learning barrier, 
With a path made of want, 
Towers made of self-absorption, 
And huge rooms that haunt. 

The fire that encases the palace, 
Is fueled by need, 
Its flames burning when you feel inferior,
The need to be in the lead. 

When the thief conquers yet another palace,
It puts sunglasses to cover your eyes. 
They are there to get rid of the good in you,
They act as your permanent disguise.

Slowly and slowly, 
The thief’s kingdom spans head to toe, 
Taking what’s in its path, 
Spreading embers that still glow. 

Slowly and slowly, 
You begin to change your ways, 
As ego takes its place in you, 
You get lost in the maze. 

How to rescue oneself, 
From this trap of burning fire, 
Is a question of morality, 
And choosing what's correct over desire. 

The power of satisfaction, 
Can help extinguish the burning coals. 
It can get rid of the self-conceit, 
And instead build a palace of gold. 

It's important to be passive, down-to-earth, and open, 
All while achieving your aims, 
For this is how you can step out of the fire, 
And escape ego’s flames. 

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I am a sophomore at Amador Valley High School. I absolutely love to write! Poems are my favorite way to express my ideas and opinions through writing, and my poems usually reflect my ideas in a metaphorical way. I implement a lot of rhetorical devices and techniques in my writing and try to use different ways to show my perspective on certain things. Thank you for reviewing my poem! 🙂

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