Evening, after James Schuyler by griffin epstein

Evening, after James Schuyler
by griffin epstein

The light-up globe my brother wrapped in a baby blanket
and sent by mail with no note 

the blank face of the clock
pine dresser smelling of pine

old clothes
beeswax in a cold clear jar

the chimney here grows out of the roof
up from nothing 

our devotion 
is a blood pressure cuff 

tread tape on the stairs 
to prevent us carelessly falling

the years we will lay together 
as seedlings

nosing into each other 
under the dirt  

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griffin epstein

griffin epstein is a non-binary white settler from NYC (Lenape land) working in education and community-engaged research in Toronto (Dish with One Spoon/Treaty 13). They have been featured in Glad Day’s Emerging Writers Series, and their poetry has appeared in CV2, Grain, The Maynard and Plenitude, among others. griffin is the author of the chapbook so we may be fed (Frog Hollow Press, 2021), and member of the experimental videogame collective shrunken studios. They develop multimedia work with poet Shannon Quinn and multi-disciplinary artist bryan depuy.

Website: griffinepstein.com

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