Hope by Marie-Anne Poudret

by Marie-Anne Poudret

Back from a land where poppies grow purple,
           back from that place where wars are never won,
           the soldier walks home when her eyes stumble
           over small flowers as red as the sun.

Like friends from her past cheering her return,
           fragile poppies lift their heads one by one.
           Her hand reaches out to touch a blossom,
           but drops as it brushes against her gun.

Frail and glorious, the cups won’t bow down
           to the power of powder and weapon.
           Though the soldier stands erect and forlorn,
           brimming they lift up promises to come.

All is not lost, take our seeds for you to sow!
           Heal and write your war ‘til your red poppies grow.

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Marie-Anne Poudret is a connector. Frenchborn, she has moved twenty-three times throughout her life, living in Africa, France, and England before settling in the Bay Area in 2005 with her husband and three children.

Marie-Anne Poudret was a French major at the University of Dijon in Burgundy, France. Currently in Dublin California, she writes poems, plays, and a Sci-Fi novel. She also gives online French lessons.

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