Junebugs by Phynne~ Belle

by Phynne~ Belle

I want to cut my heart out of my chest
be my own offering, to you, because you
would have me, because you look at me 
with eyes that want to nourish all of me
and fill in all my gaps. I inhaled the starlight 
that got caught in my hair as we ran like 
little children in total abandonment, we ran
through skies turning their lights off one by one,
last flickers of lilac and rose as they feigned sleep,
we ran through wet sand that nipped our toes
and tried to swallow our feet, we ran, meeting 
waves, trusting even if we could not see them 
in the dark, and then we stopped, astonished, 
as the world around our calves bioluminesce. 
 I exhaled your starlight, I exhaled it regretfully,
because it was fire In my belly, Junebugs 
kissed your drooping eyelids.

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Phynne~Belle is a San Francisco Bay Area poet, writer, and co-director of The Poetry Global Network. She had her poetry included in two poetry anthologies in 2021, Sinew: Ten Years of Poetry in the Brew and The Bronx Memoir Project Anthology Vol. V. This year, she has contributed to PGN’s first anthology, Kaleidoscopoetry, which includes works from poets across the globe. Phynne has one poetry collection titled, Some Days, Here. You can also find her holding her a bimonthly online open mic on 2nd & 4th Thursdays, as well as organize other poetry events and programs through her Phynnecabulary platform that endeavor to make the literary arts (poetry in particular) accessible widely. Phynne used to be a superhero of creatures big and small in a past life.

You can follow her on Instagram @phynne_belle and on Twitter @PhynneBelle. To connect with her in more ways, you can go to https://linktr.ee/PhynneBelle

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