light// [verb] by Maddy Robinson

light// [verb]

What is light, really// not as noun// or object// but as undoing// light// untangling rivers// easing into water// massaging photons into flowers// warming mantles// between mountain thighs// light// reeding// hearting// the resting place of my spine// kissing gold// beneath geological ambivalence// light// fingerprinting// earth’s pottery// pulling hickeys// through submerged photography// light// blazing strawberry// peeling citrus// through bruised nightmare// of deep sky. Black and blue and// light// sips miraging// the concave lip of grail// negative exposure// christmas foils// cornering mass into squares// light// synapsing// stones over smooth water// light// kiting scarves// fished from dark sleeves// bending lovers over taffy hooks// skinning mornings// fingering pages of sun// light. The only visit that mattered// he came toward me// forming mirrors// treble signature// of her tipping body// He did say// let there Be// whatever the opposite of what shadow is made of// withheld promise// in the ribcage of second chance// light// stalagmites// light// salivates through the window// venetian slit// leaning towers// threading filament// and eggshell silhouette// light// when he first wakes// chiropractic// yolk, gravity, fingers// bloodletting glowsticks// and mother earth had an orgasm// different when you’re watching// this is all just one slow death// negating rewrite. And this was never about us// because we can be anything// let me show you// light// thumbs// stiffs// grinds// scissors// writhes// but it does not fuck. Light// grasps// heaves// comes// but// it tops at fuck. Now// we could keep this// light// all between us// we could keep this. This is my love letter// we could write a poem about anything// it all makes sense// this thrill between us// starfire flint// making love ask permission// our grip on the electric fence// motion// elucidates// emptiness// and him// and light// and light// and light// light// light/l ight/are you even reading this—/ light// light// light//

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Maddy Robinson is a writer from the Rocky Mountains. She writes in many genres, including short stories, news articles, and travel impressions. Her creative work has been featured on CBC Books, Ember Chasm Review, and elsewhere. She interviews writers for Calgary’s monthly literary radio feature.

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