Rebecca Thrush won Honorable Mention in the Scary Art Show Poetry Contest (Dublin Arts Collective, curated by Viewless Wings), with her poem “Maggie, the pious”.

Maggie, the pious
by Rebecca Thrush

My right eye was once blind, staring
Endlessly into the night sky. I waited
For the magpies to feast upon the
Lifeless orb, cloudy as a summer storm.

Instead their talons sunk into the soft
Flesh of my shoulders, lifting me above
Hovering among these shadows of years
Past, a whispering chill began to freeze tiny
drops of blood falling from their talons, like
Crimson snowflakes onto the starlit ground

And as each crystal melted into ruby rivers
The fluttering wings at my back called out

Who could you see if you only opened yours eyes
Who was there when the stars came out
Who held your hand when you fall from right
Who will soak up the sanguine pools you’ve purged

And as their final call rang out in haunting harmony
The vibrations knocked free the strands behind my eye
Now with soft feet on fallen ground, I could see clearly
As each trilling thief flew out into the blackened sky

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Rebecca Thrush appears in Tipton Poetry Journal (Reflections on Little Eagle Creek), Open Minds Quarterly (Summer 2020), Wingless Dreamer (Flee to Spring), and Coffee People Zine (Issue 13). Select poems are also available online, most notably with Line of Advance (2021 Wright Award). She works in property management but utilizes poetry and art to explore the inherent similarities between nature and interpersonal relationships.