Midnight Velvetto by Durell Carter

Midnight Velvetto
by Durell Carter

This poem is an act of treason
against the religion Black men are taught to breathe from at birth.

This poem is the wolf that howls
in dragon and maneuvers in shades of 2 am velvetto.

This poem doesn't owe you
a tragedy and a song written in lamb's blood.

This poem has forgotten the faces
of the dreams worth knowing, but their inventions still live loudly in all of my closets.

This poem was baptized in lakes of buoyancy,
but still remembers that the shadows are created by a sun that loves us.

This poem doesn’t know how to relax 
Its shoulders when doing its best impression to be loving.

This poem is a love letter 
to a home that is still looking for sun limestones to shield to cover it’s bones.

This poem remembers everything,
and continues to push the red wheelbarrow further into a bloody fog in New Rome anyway.

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Durell Carter

Durell Carter is a writer and a teacher that lives in Oklahoma. He recently graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a graduate degree in English. He has work published in Drunk Monkeys, Prometheus Dreaming, Petrichor Journal, and others. You can find more of his work on his website durellcarter.org.

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