Offering by Amy Hollan

by Amy Hollan

My morning walk presents an offering:
Tucked among a thicket of copper leaves
Rests a single buckeye, round and smooth, with
A pale heart etched upon its chestnut skin.
I pick it up and hold it in my hands,
Amazed that such a wonder can be found
In the mud and muck of the woodland path.
But isn't that the mystery of grace?
How we are broken open by small things
And laid bare for the world to do its work
Of forming us into a better shape.
In faith, I press the buckeye's heart to mine
And wish for you a blessing, knowing this:
It is a gift to love and to be loved.

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Amy Hollan (she/hers) is Creative Director of the Southern Tier Center for Emerging Artists (STCEA), an accessible + affirming online art space and creative community based in the historic Chautauqua Lake region of Western New York. In addition to her work with STCEA, Amy is a writer, mixed media artist, and digital photographer. Follow Amy on Instagram @southerntierlife for a peek at her everyday adventures and @alabasterchambers to view her cemetery photography or visit her website at

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