Overture by Abbey Lynne Rays

by Abbey Lynne Rays

This is phase one. 
The opening act. 

A moon glow 
belonging to all 
who cast 
shadows beneath it. 

This is the casting call. 
A star painted landscape, 
spectators of your 
insurmountable force. 

This is your 
unfathomed moment, 
the air vast and weeping 
for the presence 
you consume. 

Yesterday’s act, 
a receding appearance 
a decayed root, 
dissolving and gone. 

Your capabilities 
transform the 
dimension of today. 

Today you will dazzle, 
your smile suspended, 
just waiting 
for the splendor 
of a realm unentered.

Raise the curtain.. 
and feed on
   the annihilating
the night’s heartbeat, 

a thunderous applause, 
to the radiance of you.

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Abbey Lynne Rays is a poet and educator living in the California Bay Area. Her work has appeared most recently in Free Verse Revolution Issue I, as well as Free Verse Revolution’s first print anthology. She is a member of the California Writers Club, Tri Valley Branch and is currently working on her first poetry book. You can connect with her on her instagram @ a.l.rays where she routinely posts favorite lines, excerpts, and drafts of her original work.

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