Paint Chips Haiku by Jerome Berglund

Paint Chips Haiku
by Jerome Berglund

                          a unifying 
                          theme is the hardest thing to
                          settle upon, ‘ppears

                                                    out of fashion
                                                    wallpaper, busy plastered
                                                    aesthetic; pleasing

                                                                              shell-shocked vets only
                                                                              talk about wartime glories
                                                                              of ages long past

                                                    there’s more than one way	
                                                    to deftly skin a mole and	
                                                    desecrate its pelt			

                          whisk and then strain, are			
                          lumps in this batter despite			
                          the flour’s sifting

wooden grave marker
dirt stained slick with lichen text

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Jerome Berglund

A graduate of the University of Southern California’s Cinema-Television Production program, Jerome Berglund spent a picaresque decade in entertainment before returning to the midwest where he was born and raised. For the last several years he has lived a relatively quiet life, spending his time reflecting, exploring what he learned over the course of a somewhat checkered young adulthood, via writing, poetry and fine art photography. Berglund has previously published haikus in Abstract Magazine, Barstow and Grand, Lychee Rind, Moonstone Press, a Quillkeepers anthology, Raw Art Review, Snapdragon, and the Write Launch. He is furthermore an established, award-winning fine art photographer, whose black and white pictures have been exhibited in galleries across New York, Minneapolis, and Santa Monica. Jerome is author to several haiku collections and chapbooks, including the recently released ;OSCOPY. These selections are taken from a cycle of poetry exploring personal as well as universal themes and experiences through the description of striking objects and visual artworks which communicate them tellingly.

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