Release by Ryan McRee

by Ryan McRee
Writing a happy poem is like taking a photograph— 
They are both eclipsed by their subjects.  
A photograph is an act of anxiety, 
A fear that this moment, like all things, will pass, 
And the hope that memory might will it back into existence. Take
comfort, and know that time—this very moment—is irretrievable. 

Happiness is not a beast to be stuffed and mounted on the
wall, But a secret that, once known, vanishes. 
A spark of joy need not be spoken aloud; 
Let it burn like a wildfire and watch the wind blow it out.
Cling to it, desperately, like the present, and then let it
go. Let the secret knowledge of living carry you forward, 
And trust that you will know that feeling again.

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Ryan McRee is a writer, dramaturg, and theatre director based in San Jose and Los Angeles. He graduated from USC in 2017 with a double major in Theatre and Narrative Studies, and while his focus is primarily in drama, he continues to explore screenwriting and poetry writing. He works for the Critical Studies department at the USC School of Dramatic Arts as a Course Assistant and prides himself as an educator as well as a working artist.

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