Running Into Time by Crystal Mayo

Running Into Time
by Crystal Mayo

I ain’t running  out of time
I’m running into it
Heart on the 12
 ambitions on the second hand
My hustle,  My drive
 controls the winding disposition
My words 
Sweet  Dark  Raw  Gritty
Black girl narratives
Embedded in every second

It is my voice that splashes in the rhythm of each tick tock
My vision that  submerges in the rhyme of 
Of each synchronized beat

 I ain’t running out of time
I’m running into it
Head on   Eye to eye    Toe to toe
Streaming down my face are phonemes
That blend themselves  into puddles of prose

I ain’t running out of time
Time runs through me
Surging through  my veins and capillaries
Overflowing into cups of creativity
Never empty

My Voice 
is  the descendant of decades
My words are my legacy for centuries
Soaked  with pen and paper
I write myself…...
Into herstory

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Crystal D. Mayo is a Native New Yorker who resides in Stamford Ct. She is a published writer, actress , educator and storyteller. Her repertoire of writing spans from memoirs and poetry to children’s literature. Her literary contributions have been published in several anthologies including, Our Voices, Our Stories, The Bronx Memoir Project Volume III, IV and V and African Voices. Her most acclaimed performance, Teaching Me A Lesson was featured in at the Caveat theater this summer with the Generation Women ensemble in New York City. Crystal’s memoir, “Wicked Blues” is featured in this year’s Connecticut Literary Anthology 2021. When she is not writing she serves as a mentor for the New York based organization, Girls Write Now, and can be seen performing her latest spoken word and writing prompts on the virtual mic stage of the NYC Coalition for Writers.

Crystal holds a Masters in elementary education and is the founder and artistic director of My Daughter My Legacy. This entrepreneur’s mission statement is to empower youth to discover their voice and vision through literacy and the arts. She teaches students how to write and perform spoken word in addition to highlighting children’s books and curriculum ideas for teaching.

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