Sacrament by Cleveland Wall

by Cleveland Wall

How many gray Saturdays did I cross
under the marquee seeking solace,
always met with a gust of carnival gold
fresh from the hopper, glint with mother-loving butter?
Anonymous in the flickering cave, I watched
the shadows back and forth, slunk in my seat, 
salt on my fingers, butter on my tongue, clear 
through the credits— hulls and burnt kernels lolling
at the bottom of the tub. After the last 
blip and crackle, when the lights came up, 
I would go outside, where sometimes
the afternoon had turned golden.

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Cleveland Wall is a poet, teaching artist, and maker of things out of other things. She performs with interactive poetry troupe No River Twice and with musical combo The Starry Eyes. Her first full-length poetry collection, Let X=X , was published by Kelsay Books in the fall of 2019. She is also the sole librarian at Books on the Hill, a mighty twig of the Bethlehem Area Public Library.

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