Salt Lick by Eunhee Soh

Salt Lick
by Eunhee Soh

I’ve been long loving you
rainy or dusty,
not dawdling at nights, I go.
You are there
magnetizing, giant, cavernous,
like a temple.

Since I could clamber next to my parents
I heard you are fatally lovable
on volcanic dikes, spiral cliffs.
Kneeling and clinging with my cleft hooves
I chew on you and brood over you.
The sun buzzes on fly wings.

You don’t know how you taste,
nearby rocks falling. 
You are too loose to hold me tight
but my bones will shatter without you.
My pink-flecked tongue sings your maculated ditch.
I don’t mind falling off.

You are fatally lovable,
sat there on my map.
When later my blind eyes will lead me to you
I can see you dissolved in the dark.
The journey to the high mountain 
scourges my veins that are not mine. 

Salt Lick was originally published in Havik: The Las Positas College Journal of Arts and Literature.

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Born and raised in South Korea, now I am a student at Las Positas College in Livermore. I earned a PhD in Korean Literature with an Emphasis on Modern Poetry when I was in Korea. My poems were published in a few Korean literary journals, such as Literary Village (Munhak Dongne), Korean Modern Poetry (Hyundai-Si), and others. “Salt Lick” was published in Havik: The Las Positas College Journal of Arts and Literature

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