Shout by Richard Evans

by Richard Evans

I choose to shout 
my cries echo and ring 
above skyscrapers past the nebulas
the highest height 
my forefathers could conceive
this call for liberty, that holy grail 
is not a demand for mercy, gifts, or favor
but rather a sacrifice devoid of fear 
a house or throne 
can lead me to believe 
finally, the work is done
but when my children cry
when the past decides 
the present will no longer suffice
I must understand, I must rise again 
for democracy can be fleeting

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Richard Evans

Originally from Los Angeles, California the poet Richard Carl Evans was born in the year 1957. A high school graduate and avid reader he began writing song lyrics around 1990. This led to the discovery of the book ‘Writing the Natural Way’ by Gabrielle Lusser Rico. It was the examples in this book that introduced him to the world of poetry.

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