The Flag by Richard Evans

The Flag
by Richard Evans

it hung there like a noose
around the neck of a people
a road map in red and black 
with a series of right turns
this destination unknown to me 
a boy half of twenty-one

father was seeking 
shocked at what he found
his stare a chisel to stone

a large oak desk
the trio who sat behind it
bald, boots, tattoos
with menace and calm
grabbed hold of our eyes 
aborting peripheral vision

a three second eternity
chilled the air
then the middle one chirped
may we help you

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Richard Evans

Originally from Los Angeles, California the poet Richard Carl Evans was born in the year 1957. A high school graduate and avid reader he began writing song lyrics around 1990. This led to the discovery of the book ‘Writing the Natural Way’ by Gabrielle Lusser Rico. It was the examples in this book that introduced him to the world of poetry.

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