The Life of a Pretty Girl by Eliza Sible

The Life of a Pretty Girl
by Eliza Sible

“I’m so jealous” they say
“Your life must be perfect!
No dismantled dismay
And every boy has you picked
For his own display!”

Sitting for hours at a time
Fixing my face
Decorating, dissipating, for I shall be left with no grime
Working to erase
Every little mark is a crime

A man stops and stares
A woman cries and ponders
They claim it isn’t fair
I should be no one’s but “father’s”
A price to pay for my own skin’s despair

A look
A cry
My needs forsook
I’m needed; but why?
Is it my ransom he took?
He has nothing to say but deny

A final statement
A fib
For his entertainment
Sang from my nib
My curse: an ailment
God’s great promises of glib

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Eliza Sible

Eliza is 14 years old and does musical theater and choir. She has sung at the Chicago Symphony Center with her choir, Midwest Young Artists twice. She loves to write and read poetry with her favorite poet being Emily Dickinson.

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