The morning after by Lisa Delan

The morning after
by Lisa Delan

Your hands are dew,
leaving tiny pearls
clinging to my skin.
You watch in wonder,
you whisper of thirst,
your eyes are quenched.

As I walk in the world
no sun glints on my arms, 
no light returns from 
the small moist globes;
to the naked eye 
I am brushed, am matte.

But I know I taste of rain,
and that each cool drop
paused on each pore
holds the reflection
of your open eyes
where I am luminous. 

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Lisa Delan

As a classical soprano, Lisa Delan has focused her career on American Art Song – performing, commissioning and recording musical settings of poems by cummings, Angelou, Bowles, Dickinson, Kinnell, Plath, and other visionary writers. She has recorded extensively for the Pentatone label and can be heard on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and other music platforms.

While using her musical voice to share the words of poets who have moved and shaped her, Lisa has continued to shape her own reflective voice as a poet. Her work explores interior landscapes as seen through the shifting prism of time, and within the connection of self to other. Lisa’s work was recently featured in Beyond Words Literary, the Mill Valley Literary Review, and Wingless Dreamer.


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