Three Ways of Looking at a Druid by Rosanne Ehrlich

Three Ways of Looking at a Druid
by Rosanne Ehrlich

Druid Scholar:

Their history is long-lived but doubted
Their secrets were a threat to facts
And all along the truth was shrouded. 

They danced in forests and dark caves 
Were scorned in Greco-Roman times
Yet to them Northern peoples prayed.

Some found courage in their dance
For some the message brought relief 
As it opened up a great expanse.

It was the soul’s eternal portal
Which allowed a life to end 
While the soul remained immortal.”

Druid Devotee:

My long-ago love
draws me deep,
down transparent paths
worm smooth by
infinite entries
into our medieval forest.
And I, diaphanous, go,
all air and shimmer
to slip between
great gnarled oaks
displaying growths
from old invasions
until I am stopped
at the edge of dark,
before the waiting clearing
that is green with god-hair
growing in the pulsing loam.

Here the druid dances, half-frantic
and pauses, half civil,
to give welcome to me,
his beloved indulgence,
my long-ago love.

Former Druid:

Times been tough
There’s YouTube
And all that stuff
So not too many Druids join us.
There are a few
Maybe one or two
who come from other places,

Non-believers lightened up
the edge of dark
Killing trees to bring the sun in.
Benches were taken from the park
To seat those wondering
And now we put on a show
To let the people know
That-- not so long ago
We danced.

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Rosanne Ehrlich’s works have been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Persimmon Tree, Panoplazine, The Voices Project, Quillkeeper’s Press’ Reariing in the Rearview , Vine Leaves Press and Fiftywordstories.

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