Morgan Liphart won Honorable Mention in the Scary Art Show Poetry Contest (Dublin Arts Collective, curated by Viewless Wings), with her poem “What Happened in Room 210 of the Haunted Stanley Hotel”.

What Happened in Room 210 of the Haunted Stanley Hotel 
by Morgan Liphart

At the edge of the bed, I found a note: 
“What have you done?” 
What have I done 
by agreeing to sleep in this place? 
Though it’s only for a respite 
from scratching my way  
through mountains on snowshoe trails. 
I rustle beneath my oversized t-shirt— 
now a slick of sweat beneath it.  
I can’t stay.  
The pipes buzz and gurgle  
underneath 1909 plaster walls.  
A waterfall of laughter  
comes from the other side  
of the heavy oak door.  
I stand. 
Then nudge my feet into snow boots 
as the planks whimper beneath my weight.  
I’m waiting. 
The room is an empty cold 
despite turning up the thermostat to 71 
only to see it drop down again and again 
as if the room itself wanted no company.  
What happened here? 
I spill through my door, 
now out in the tender open  
of the scarlet draped hallway. 
And there she is— 
the one I’ve been expecting,  
the scariest shadow 
reflected back at me  
in this slick face of a mirror.  
This is enough 
to run a jolt through my bones 
because I know 
the thing most capable of hurting me,  
the master of my own suffering

                                      is myself. 

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Morgan Liphart’s work has appeared in anthologies and journals across the United States and England, such as the University of Oxford’s Literary ImaginationThe Comstock Review, and Third Wednesday. When she’s not writing, Morgan enjoys her career as an attorney and adventuring in the wild spaces surrounding her home in Denver. Her favorite Halloween costume of all-time was her costume as a squirrel that her mother sewed for her in 2nd grade, complete with a paper mâché acorn. 

Morgan’s debut poetry chapbook, Barefoot and Running topped several bestselling lists and has brought healing and comfort to readers worldwide.