When You Went Missing by David Radavich

When You Went Missing
by David Radavich

When You Went Missing

In Rome I had a habit
of getting lost—
which fountain, which park?

You were nowhere
to be found,
no cell phone that worked,
no visage among the villagers,

just wandering like mice
in the labyrinths

where I could not sing
to you, nor yell,
nor tell you where
or who I am.

Still, the ambience 
was radiant
and we were desperate.

Desperate to reunite,
to find ourselves again.

Eventually, in the milling
crowd you emerged
like Venus from the foam—
not naked, but new

in this ancient city 
of dreams and nightmares,
impossibly beautiful

spires and sculptures,
tantalizing food and drink

now awaiting us
in a charming trattoria
with checkered tablecloths
and a padrone
with florid stories
and wine like blood
given for us.  

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David Radavich

Among David Radavich’s poetry collections are two epics, AMERICA BOUND (2007) and AMERICA ABROAD (2019), as well as MIDDLE-EAST MEZZE (2011) and THE COUNTRIES WE LIVE IN (2014). His plays have been performed across the U.S., including six Off-Off-Broadway, and in Europe. His latest book is UNTER DER SONNE / UNDER THE SUN: German and English Poems from Deutscher Lyrik Verlag (2022).

Website: www.davidradavich.org

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