Publishing Your First Book: Getting a Professional Profile Photo

You’ve spent hours writing your book, weeks in editing and copyediting, and you are pulling together all the assets you need before handing your manuscript to the designer. Take the time and invest in a high quality profile photo – you’ll be thankful

In my case I had multiple professional headshots taken for my day job, and of course many informal vacation photos, but I didn’t have anything appropriate for the book I’m publishing. I hired a professional photographer (Kristin Cofer) who came to my house with all her gear for a studio-quality photoshoot, and provided both color and black & white options.

For my book the cover will be in color and the interior will be black & white. I ultimately decided the photo would be on the inside of the book with the “About the author” section.

Don’t leave this action item for the last minute. Scheduling a professional photoshoot and the photo editing process can take several weeks so work backwards from when you need all the assets for your book designer.

You’ll end up using the photos for many other purposes as you promote your book.

Photograph of James Morehead copyright Kristin Cofer
Photograph of James Morehead copyright Kristin Cofer

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