Writing Publisher-Ready Poetry Workshop Replay

Learn how to write poetry that is publisher-ready in a free replay of the live workshop with James Morehead (Poet Laureate – Dublin, California and author of canvas and portraits of red and gray) and Morgan Liphart (poet and author of Barefoot & Running). James and Morgan share what they’ve learned on the journey to becoming published poets.

James and Morgan discussed:

  • Getting started – prompts, memories, and battling writer’s block
  • Playing with poetic forms, rhythm, and visualization
  • When is a poem done (aka revising and editing)
  • The critical role of feedback
  • Reciting what you’ve written
  • Submitting your poem for publication

This event is a follow-up to their successful workshop Publishing Poetry.

Morgan’s work has appeared in anthologies and journals across the United States and England, such as the University of Oxford’s Literary Imagination, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and Third Wednesday. When she’s not writing, she enjoys her career as an attorney and adventuring in the mountains surrounding her home in Denver, Colorado.

James is Poet Laureate of Dublin, California, author of canvas and portraits of red and gray, and he hosts the Viewless Wings Poetry Podcast. James’ poem tethered was transformed into an award-winning hand drawn animated short film, “gallery” was set to music for baritone and piano, and his poems have appeared in Beyond Words Magazine, Wingless Dreamer, Prometheus Dreaming and Prompt Press.

“Barefoot & Running” by Morgan Liphart and “canvas” by James Morehead

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