Dublin Arts Collective Scary Art Show Poetry Winners Announced

DUBLIN, CA–At the Dublin Arts Collective Scary Art Show (F.CO. Art Gallery, Oct 14-31), the winners of the Viewless Wings Scary Poetry Contest were announced, and their poems placed on display for the duration of the show. Over 50 poets submitted poems with the winners selected by Dublin, CA Poet Laureate – James Morehead.

Each selected poet also recited their winning poem for the most recent episode of The Viewless Wings Poetry Podcast:

First place: “Bogeyman” by Jennifer deBie (read the poem)

Jennifer deBie is a native Texan living in Ireland where she earned an MA in Creative Writing and recently finished a PhD in Mary Shelley. She has been widely published, with work appearing in anthologies by Raven Chronicles Press, PactPress, and Kallisto Gaia Press, something that neither impresses her cat nor pays her rent.

Her debut novel, The Adventures of Dogg Girl and Sidekick, was published by Dreaming Big Publications in 2020. When not reading, writing, or teaching her seminar on plague and apocalypse literature, Jennifer enjoys typical millennial pastimes like eating brunch and neglecting her blog at jenniferdebie.com

Second place: “Death March” by Jessica Sabo (read the poem)

Jessica Sabo is a former classical ballet dancer and writer whose work focuses on the intersection between eating disorders, trauma, and sexuality. Her poems and essays have appeared in publications by 805 Lit + Art, Inklette Magazine, and the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, among others. Her work has been anthologized with ChannelMarker Literary Journal, Adelaide Literary Magazine, Damaged Goods Press, and is forthcoming with Quillkeepers Press. Jessica was selected as a finalist for the Adelaide Literary Award in Poetry in 2020 and is also the author of a chapbook, A Body of Impulse, (dancing girl press & studio, 2021). A west-coast transplant and Virginian at heart, she currently lives in southern Nevada with her wife and two rescue dogs, one of which has wings.

Honorable mention: “Maggie, the pious” by Rebecca Thrush (read the poem)

Rebecca Thrush appears in Tipton Poetry Journal (Reflections on Little Eagle Creek), Open Minds Quarterly (Summer 2020), Wingless Dreamer (Flee to Spring), and Coffee People Zine (Issue 13). Select poems are also available online, most notably with Line of Advance (2021 Wright Award). She works in property management but utilizes poetry and art to explore the inherent similarities between nature and interpersonal relationships.

Honorable mention: “What Happened in Room 210 of the Haunted Stanley Hotel” by Morgan Liphart (read the poem)

Morgan Liphart’s work has appeared in anthologies and journals across the United States and England, such as the University of Oxford’s Literary ImaginationThe Comstock Review, and Third Wednesday. When she’s not writing, Morgan enjoys her career as an attorney and adventuring in the wild spaces surrounding her home in Denver. Her favorite Halloween costume of all-time was her costume as a squirrel that her mother sewed for her in 2nd grade, complete with a paper mâché acorn. 

Morgan’s debut poetry chapbook, Barefoot and Running topped several bestselling lists and has brought healing and comfort to readers worldwide.

Submit your polished poetry for the opportunity of being published on ViewlessWings.com and being interviewed on The Viewless Wings Poetry Podcast.

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