The Value of Poetry Workshops and Coaching

Poetry workshops and critique groups are a critical to consistently crafting wonderful poetry. Just as athletes need coaching, writers need editors and critical feedback. In the latest episode of The Viewless Wings Poetry Podcast you’ll hear poems recited by member of the Tri-Valley Writers Poetry Critique Group I attend twice a month, and from my poetry coach. All of these poets have challenged and encouraged me, and helped elevate the quality of my writing.

In our Critique Group, each poet gets about 15 minutes to share a poem (sometimes two). The group provides positive feedback first before switching to critical, and most important, actionable feedback. Inevitably the poem I present to the group leaves with mark-ups, suggestions and problems to solve.

We debate tiny things: the placement of an em dash or comma, and big things: the theme of the poem, cutting a stanza, changing the ending. Because each member of the group writes poetry we each empathize with the complex challenge of crafting poetry, of finding the perfect word or phrase.

A critique group or workshop also provides an opportunity to recite poetry. Reading a poem out loud is a critical step in the editing process.

In this weeks Viewless Wings Poetry Podcast nine poets recite original poems. Each poem is also published on

Featured poets:

Photo credit: Alexis Brown (Unsplash)

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