Six Poets Recite (Durell Carter / Sarah Bitter / David Radavich / Mary Amato / Jai-Michelle Louissen / Nicole Farmer)

The Viewless Wings Poetry Podcast July submitted poems episode features contributions from six wonderful contributions read by the poets. Different forms and themes are featured. The Viewless Wings Poetry Podcast explores the art of poetry through interviews with poets and artists including A.E. Stallings, Olivia Gatwood, Regina Harris Baiocchi, Kari Byron, Lisa Marie Simmons and more. Subscribe today.

Listen to the poems using your favorite podcast reader and then read each below:

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Durell Carter

This poem is an act of treason
against the religion Black men are taught to breathe from at birth…

Excerpt from Midnight Velvetto

Durell Carter is a writer and a teacher that lives in Oklahoma. He recently graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a graduate degree in English. He has work published in Drunk Monkeys, Prometheus Dreaming, Petrichor Journal, and others.

Sarah Bitter

Men leave me alone now, mostly,
and they have left me (at)…

Excerpt from Before the Pool, there was a Saltwater Lagoon

Sarah Bitter lives in Seattle with her partner, daughter, and dogs. Her work has been published in The Seventh Wave, River Mouth Review and Poetry Northwest, and is forthcoming in Denver Quarterly’s FIVES and Slipstream. She has an MFA degree from the University of Washington.

David Radavich

The face is young:
pale, turned over the shoulder…

Excerpt from Self-Portrait

David Radavich’s poetry collections include two epics, AMERICA BOUND and AMERICA ABROAD, as well as MIDDLE-EAST MEZZE and THE COUNTRIES WE LIVE IN. His plays have been performed across the U.S. and in Europe. His latest book is UNTER DER SONNE / UNDER THE SUN: German Poems from Deutscher Lyrik Verlag.

Mary Amato

Humbly-knitted, rough woolen caps
stand in their own glass case…

Excerpt from You Will Know Us By Our Art

Mary Amato is a writer, musician, and teaching artist whose work has appeared in The Washington Post, Mothering, 100 Word Story, Muse, Teacher, Cicada, New Poets Review, and many more.

Jai Michelle

I want so much to be here
to let my heart spill out…

Excerpt from a gathering

Jai-Michelle is a Scottish-born poet, now living via London in the coastal natural beauty of The Netherlands. Writing with an unshakable wish for poetic thought, images and vulnerability, her work is otherworldly, full of nature, emotion and mood. She often writes of her trauma and the after effects, revealing her layers piece by piece. Her first chapbook is released 2022 with Sunday Mornings at The River.

Nicole Farmer

I was raised in a well. Scratchy wool. That smelly
tub of a rectangle, butt end of the VW bug…

Excerpt from Honest Sonnets

Nicole was awarded the First Prize in Prose Poetry from the Bacopa Literary Review in 2020 and has just finished her first chapbook entitled ‘Wet Underbelly Wind’. Way back in the 90’s she graduated from The Juilliard School of Drama. You can find her dancing barefoot in her driveway on the full moon at midnight.

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